Cisco HyperFlex and CDI
The next generation of hyperconvergence is here.

Move at the speed of business with total hyperconvergence.

Cisco HyperFlex brings the pay-as-you-go model of cloud to the datacenter. It combines compute, network, storage, virtualisation and data protection in a single appliance, deployed in under an hour and managed with a familiar toolset.

Engineered on Cisco’s unified computing system (UCS), HyperFlex is ideal for virtualisation, test & development, and remote office / branch office (ROBO) deployments. It works seamlessly with converged systems, BYO platforms and third-party storage arrays. Manage different technologies with a path to software-defined networking (SDN), automation, orchestration and hybrid cloud.

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New HyperFlex Anywhere 4.0

New HyperFlex Anywhere capabilities will allow you to easily position HyperFlex

  • Flexible 2–4 node cluster configurations that can leverage existing edge network fabric
  • Enhancements to Cisco Intersight enables remote deployment, full stack upgrades, and connected TA
  • Cisco Intersight Cloud Witness for 2 node HX Edge. Eliminates the complexity of configuring and maintaining a witness node for each edge site.
  • Nvidia P4/T4 GPU for HX Edge
  • HyperFlex core datacenter enhancements: HX220c M5 All NVMe and HX Acceleration Engine
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Integration: Cisco Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) leverages HyperFlex native async replication with the powerful orchestration and runbook capabilities of SRM.

New HyperFlex Authorization program

Position your business as HyperFlex Cisco Authorized Partner

  • Any partner can sell HyperFlex with or without completing this program, but only Authorized Partners will receive additional incentives
  • Get upfront discounts, training enablement, and recognitionin Partner Locator and other Cisco tools as a trusted HyperFlex Authorized Partner.



Why choose Cisco HyperFlex?

It's the real deal

Cisco HyperFlex is part of an overall Datacenter product portfolio that is best-of-breed in every category and tailored to meet your customers’ requirements.

Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs)

CVDs are available with many ISVs and Mission Critical ERP Systems certified on HyperFlex, Bare Metal, or Converged Infrastructure depending on application requirements.

Built for growth

The breadth of the portfolio unlocks partner delivery services, integration and migration service opportunities. Ecosystem software sales are a natural fit with any HyperFlex sale.

Useful partnerships

Cisco has partnerships across the spectrum on its global pricing list (GPL) from data protection systems to software-defined storage and containers... and now extending to the cloud with Google

HyperFlex Cisco Capital

Protect against currency fluctuation and Get the full contract value faster. Contact your Comstor AM for more info on HyperFlex Cisco Capital.

When it comes to HCI, Cisco HyperFlex is the real deal.


Cisco hyperconvergence

Discover the HCI features that your customers need

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Hyperconvergence with UCS

Simply the best to manage complexity 

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Cisco Intersight

Adaptive management for the new era of computing

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SeedIT First-Time Buyer

Cisco helps you to capture first-time purchases. Get the best promotional pricing and introduce the latest Cisco Technologies into your accounts.

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CDI is Comstor’s dedicated Cisco Datacenter initiative designed to help you grow your Cisco Datacenter business with unrivalled sales, technical, product, services and demand generation support.

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Want to know more?
  • Any partner can sell HyperFlex with or without completing this program, but only Authorized Partners will receive additional incentives
  • Get trainings, upfront discounts, and lot more
  • Be recognized as a trusted HyperFlex Authorized Partner in Partner Locator and other Cisco tools.
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