Comstor Africa is your partner in business and technology. We are part of the business solution.

Building solutions to help Africa meet the challenges of conducting business in a new era.

Partnering with vendors to build solutions that put you at the heart of the...



Africa is the lifeblood of innovation. It is a continent of people who understand less is more, and who more than anywhere else on the globe, embrace technology to build better communities, engage more, communicate, and advance to meet whatever challenges come our way.

At Comstor Africa we are working with our partners to help Inspire African businesses. With the use of unique technologies in partnership with leading vendors, we are creating the solutions that organisations need, to leave a positive impact on the lives of all Africans.

As we adjust to a new normal, where business has been irrevocably changed, we will overcome and as a continent and as partners we will provide our customers with solutions that ensure they remain business relevant… today, tomorrow, together.


Together we are part of the solution.

Working with Cisco we want you to help your clients to “Stay Safe. Stay Connected. Stay Secure.” We are offering a set of dedicated Cisco solutions that will assist you to ensure users can access secure remote working solutions, conduct secure video conference calls, and create meaningful business experiences

A Veritas user knows that their data is always available, always secure, and always connected. Together we bring you a set of dedicated Veritas solutions that will help lower the cost of data replication across sites and ensure end user data loss prevention for all your remote workers.

Your data centre is now the lifeblood of your business, especially when combined with your cloud architectures. In partnership with NetApp, Comstor Africa is providing solutions that will help customers better manage their data and data centres, minimising the impact on physical appliances and providing end-users hybrid-cloud capabilities with tools to manage and generate reports for business owners.

Don’t leave support personnel without the tools needed to still manage your environment. With Solarwinds, Comstor Africa is helping partners help users improve end-user support and system troubleshooting with affordable remote desktop tools.


With the current health pandemic wreaking havoc across all of our shores, digital transformation, cloud computing, and work from home are now standard terms being bandied about. But how prepared were we all when the walls on business came crashing down, and now that we have had to embrace remote working, how easy will it be to put the genie back in the bottle demanding people all return to work in a world where there is definitely a new normal.

The survey aims to create a understanding of the recent challenges your business is facing, as well as create a better view of how technology partners and vendors can help you better ensure business continuity and ultimately help you embrace business resiliency in the future.


20 lucky participants will receive an Amazon Voucher to the value of $50 for their participation


Inspire Africa together we can grow your business

How do we at Comstor aim to help Inspire Africa? Working with vendor partners Cisco, NetApp, Veritas and Solarwinds, we have created innovative solutions to help you grow your business.

The Inspire Africa programme puts customers at the heart of the solution and is designed with the current impacts businesses are facing as a result of remote working, the need to move workloads between on-premise and cloud environments, and the growing demand for Software-as-a-Service solutions.

But we know we can’t do this alone, so at Comstor Africa we want to be part of the solution. Contact us to find out how we can help you build more flexible technology solutions, drawn from a combination of unique cross architecture vendor solutions, that allow end-users to conduct business more efficiently.

In order to make sure you stay ahead of the curve we will also be providing partners access to a range of Comstor Africa support, service and solutions to help partners better Inspire African business:

  • Training and enablement
  • Professional service
  • Software-as-a-service
  • Cross vendor Solutions
  • Digital partner tools

Today. Tomorrow. Together. We want to be part of the future. That is why we are choosing to be part of the solution.

Ask us how you can build better businesses with technology