Avaya Spaces is the ultimate solution to collaborate effectively with team members, while still managing your own time and tasks - as they come in.

Optimise, streamline, and revolutionise the way you and your team communicate, as individuals and as a team with Avaya Spaces.

Once you experience the app, you won’t believe how you worked without it. Message, watch HD videos, share files on any device, and all from a convenient dashboard. Don’t let communication barriers or the wrong solution hinder your business from performing even better than before, never mind simply achieving the same results.

At Westcon-Comstor, we realise that communication is one of the core fundamentals of achieving remote work success since the shift to digital. We are here to assist you with solutions from Avaya Spaces that will streamline your collaboration with others, while also prioritising your own workflow for the best results and your own work life enjoyment.

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Incentive Terms and Conditions:

  • This incentive is paid based on active, invoiced Avaya Spaces seats (Business or Power) only
  • It’s important to note that with incentive, the more you expand and grow, the more you earn
  • Westcon will notify you of your winning criteria
  • Prizes will be distributed April 2021
  • You are responsible to declare all tax regulations
  • Your company needs to be a registered as an Avaya Open Product partner in order to participate
  • You need to be a Westcon reseller to participate
  • To register as an Avaya partner, follow the below link and register as an Open Product Reseller
  • https://www.avaya.com/en/partners/channelpartners/

Security is in its DNA

Not only is it HIPAA and GDPR compliant, but Avaya Spaces has also over 30 security features—including unique private spaces that keep you from getting video-bombed.

Ready for the Biggest Meetings

Invite up to 500 people. Use the 61-participant HD concert view to bring your session to the next stage of face-to-face.

Connects with Any Device

Skip the downloads and join from just your browser. Need to test your device before the meeting? No problem, Avaya Spaces has you covered.

Keeps the Conversation Going

Chat about project details in or out of the meeting. Avaya Spaces saves everything, so you do not have to remember it all. Need to talk live? One click starts a one-to-one video.

Avaya Spaces for Collaborating Before, During, and After Meetings

The App for How You’re Working Right Now

Avaya Spaces is how to handle tasks and the unplanned, new-priority work that arrives daily.