The Zero-Trust
Future Is Now

with Comstor Security Initiative

The explosion of cloud applications and mobility as expanded the concept of a perimeter security architecture.

Assuming that every user and device inside company walls is secure and therefore trusted by default.

Users, devices and applications are now everywhere, and they’re more frequently outside of the traditional network. It’s a transformation more than a decade in the making. Today’s workforce is always on and always connected. Workers now use their personal mobile devices to access cloud applications and expect frictionless access regardless of time, device or location. It’s the epitome of anytime, anywhere and from any device.

A zero-trust architecture for the workforce ensures

the trustworthiness of devices and users’ identities wherever application access is attempted and before granting access, whether users are on or off the network. This security model verifies users and establishes trust in their devices (those users and devices comprise your workforce), no matter where they are located, what devices they use, and which applications they access.

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