Why do a POV of Cisco Umbrella with Comstor?

Over 12,000 enterprise customers have proven the value of Umbrella in their own environments.
Why not you?


Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform, it is easy to evaluate our solutions in your own environment. We offer free trials for both our security enforcement and threat intelligence products Umbrella and Investigate.

Our Comstor security dedicated team can help you set up this Proof of Value (POV) exercise.

Request your POV here.

Work today with the awarded distributor of the year 2019 by Cisco.


When you complete an Umbrella POV, you can:

Work with Comstor to define and test success criteria specific to your security environment and needs.
Every customer has different security needs and a unique security environment. As you prepare for
your Umbrella POV, our team can help you select success criteria that fit your individual needs and
suggest use cases that you can test to validate the success criteria. This process will demonstrate the value of Umbrella including:


Take advantage of granular security reporting to better understand your organization and the attacks that threaten it.

Completing a POV provides immediate visibility, in addition to uncovering the long-term value of Umbrella. As soon as you deploy Umbrella in your environment, you’ll be able to view internet activity across every network and device pointed to our service.

This helps you pinpoint and remediate infections that may already exist in your organization.During your POV, you can also use Cisco Umbrella Investigate, our global threat intelligence solution, to research domain names, IP addresses, ASNs, file hashes, and more. Investigate provides a single, correlated source of threat information including passive DNS data for historical context, WHOIS record data, IP and domain reputation scores, anomaly detection, and more.

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