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Time Topic Speaker
9:00 Welcome and introduction
9:10 Turning the corner: from chaos to integration The last twelve months have been a period of catalysis, years of change condensed into months. Much has been achieved. But it's now clear that the solutions we cobbled together in chaos won't support us in the long term. Challenges of culture and process remain. Our new hybrid environments are more complex than perhaps we realised. A new round of innovation is required as we move from chaos to integration, building structures and systems for sustainable success. Tom Cheesewright
9:40 The collaboration opportunity Executives from Comstor and Cisco will discuss the exciting changes we have experienced in the collaboration space and will define Cisco's vision for partner success. Vaughan Klein, Russell Blackburn
10:10 Comstor fuelling your growth Comstor is 100% focussed on Cisco. In this session you will learn how Comstor can help you grow your Cisco business faster than anyone else. Maik Kubelt, Justin Turner, Steve Entwistle, Charles Alves, Lucia Di Gaeta, Tony Reilly
11:00 Back in the driving seat with Cisco Webex Help your customers stay productive and be more in control with the right collaboration tools, without compromising on security and connectivity. Marc Fleuren, Maik Kubelt, Jens Schneider, Chris Collins, David Beisly
11:40 Webex Cloud Contact Center The new Webex Contact Center is an intelligent platform designed to deliver an enhanced customer experience, that will ultimately drive growth and loyalty. Learn about what's new in Contact Center and how you can successfully position it with your customers. Maik Kubelt
12:00 Win with Cisco and Comstor Discover offers exclusive to the Collaboration Virtual Partner Summit and new incentives being launched at the event. Maik Kubelt, Lucia Di Gaeta, Chris Collins, Tony Reilly
12:30 Close

The speakers

Tom Cheesewright

Applied futurist

  • Helping people and organisations to see the future more clearly, share their vision and respond with innovation. Using a unique set of tools that he developed, Tom finds the critical intersection between today’s macro trends and the existing stresses in each organization and sector.

Vaughan Klein

Director of Collaboration at Cisco responsible for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia

  • Vaughan has over 20 years’ experience working in the IT industry holding sales and senior management roles representing both hardware and software vendors. Since 2000, Vaughan’s endeavours have almost exclusively focused on assisting customers and partners improve their businesses through the wider adoption and increased utilization of unified communications and collaboration technologies. Vaughan believes that the power of collaboration unlocks tremendous capability allowing businesses to compete on a global scale with increased agility, innovation and productivity.

Russell Blackburn

Vice President Comstor EMEA

  • Russell has been leading Comstor’s product marketing, strategy & business development for five years, driving continuous growth across all of Cisco’s Architectures. Russell’s strategic acumen and strong data-driven approach allow him to successfully identify and prioritize growth opportunities and initiatives to ultimately help drive partners’ success in all areas of business. An understanding of Partner requirements to ensure ease of engagement through a channel business, tools required to help partners maximise the opportunities plus the need to continually evolve with market demands and changes in business models are core to how Russell approaches all business development activities.

Maik Kubelt

EMEA Architecture Lead Collaboration, Comstor

  • Maik joined Comstor 11 years ago and during his career his main focus has always been on team and partners’ success. He works with the local architecture teams to deliver successful go-to-market strategies that are tailored to partners’ needs. He values enablement as the key tool to guarantee success and always think outside of the box to truly support partners’ through their challenges in the collaboration space. An individual with a real passion for understanding and leveraging market changes and trends to promote business growth and partners’ enablement, Maik never walks away from a challenge.

Tony Reilly

EMEA Marketing Director, Comstor

  • Tony is EMEA Marketing Director at Comstor and a strategic B2B marketing leader with over 25 years of experience working in environments where vision and collaboration are of fundamental importance. Tony understands the challenges of global, regional and country teams helping organizations with marketing synergy and efficiency. Tony’s experience spans international matrix structures with an exploration into the rationale behind organizational decision making both rational and emotional. Prior to joining Comstor, Tony led the Global marketing function for BSI. Tony has been at the forefront of developing Organizational Resilience in collaboration with industry best practice figures including The Economist Intelligence Unit and Cranfield University. Tony’s previous experience also spans senior roles in Dun and Bradstreet, Dell, Fujitsu, Samsung and Apple.

Lucia Di Gaeta

EMEA Marketing Lead Collaboration, Comstor

  • As an eclectic and multi-skilled individual, with a passion for people and communication, and strong analytical, strategic and creative skills, Lucia continuously drives business and marketing objectives to ultimately deliver partner satisfaction and business growth across the Collaboration space. Strategic planning and content marketing are some of Lucia’s core strengths and she continues to develop and manage successful marketing initiatives to support Westcon-Comstor EMEAR countries’ efforts in promoting Cisco Collaboration. With over 10 years’ experience it B2B marketing in the IT industry, Lucia’s adaptable approach is advantageous when utilising multi-channel strategies, leveraging data and analytics, as well as customer and competitive insights to deliver business growth.

Marc Fleuren

Architecture Lead Collaboration, BeNeLux, Comstor

  • Marc has been proactively supporting Cisco partners at Comstor for 6 years in various roles, before taking the lead as Cisco Collaboration Architecture Lead for BeNeLux. His sound knowledge of the entire Cisco portfolio combined with his process-oriented approach to challenges, allow him to successfully support partners with anything collaboration.

Justin Turner

Director Of Product Management EMEA, Comstor

Chris Collins


Steve Entwistle

UK Services Sales Lead, Comstor

Charles Alves

Account Director, Westcon | Comstor Services, UK&I

  • Charles Alves is a Key Account Director of Services Specializing in Collaboration at Cisco, Enterprise Networking and Security. Charles has over 20 years’ experience working in the IT industry holding Senior sales roles at both Partner and Distribution . More Recently, Charles has focused on understanding market trends and creating go to market propositions to assist partners improve their businesses through the wider adoption and increased utilization of unified communications and collaboration technologies.Charles believes Technology, automation, and Collaboration is key to being successful in business in the modern era.

David Beisly

Channel Technical Solution Architect, Collaboration

  • David Beisly is a Channel Technical Solution Architect at Cisco Responsible for Technical enablement of partners across Europe. David has 10+ years experience working in the Collaboration space with customers & partners, helping them navigate the trends of the unified communications industry and managing their own transitions. David believes collaboration should be an inclusive tool which helps to stimulate people to help them achieve their goals through the power of connecting.

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  • Learn more about the all-new Webex features and devices
  • Understand which markets and sectors offer you greater growth opportunities in the Collaboration market
  • Hear from a panel of subject matter experts who will share valuable insights on the future of collaboration as you enable your customers to stay productive in a remote working environment
  • Learn how Comstor can help you grow your Cisco Collaboration business

The all new Webex is designed to deliver inclusive collaboration experiences that are 10x better than in-person interactions. We are looking at an hybrid workplace where we should focus on what we do, rather than where we do it.

To help you better understand how you can seize the opportunities in the collaboration space, we will be joined by a panel of subject matter experts who will share valuable insights on the future of collaboration as you enable your customers to stay productive in a remote working environment.

We look forward to discussing the future of collaboration as you enable your customers to stay productive in a remote working environment.

Remote working - business

Are your customers asking to a safe collaboration platform to exchange data with their peers? Or are they looking for a collaboration portfolio of software and hardware that it is simple to install and manage remotely?

Cisco Webex and devices are designed to deliver inclusive collaboration experiences that are 10x better than in-person interactions.

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Remote working - education

Education had to reinvent itself since the outbreak and at the summit we will look at exploring the opportunities you now have in the collaboration space.

Your customers will be looking for safe and engaging platforms to deliver the in-class experience remotely. And nobody does it better than Cisco Webex.

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Remote working - healthcare

Healthcare professionals have been working relentlessly to provide their patients with the care they need in these challenging times. Your customers will need to preserve their patients’ privacy but also reassure them in the same was they would if they were face-to-face.

With Cisco Webex healthcare professionals can really get close to their patients. We will be looking at how you can thrive in the healthcare collaboration space.

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