Small hotel: Sarah

Sarah owns a small hotel, and making sure guests are happy keeps her up at night. She understands that a high-quality mobile experience for guests is important for business.

“Whether travelling for business or pleasure, guests expect a high-quality Wi-Fi experience the moment they walk into the hotel. And if they’re unable to connect, whether it’s to send a business email or FaceTime with the family, it’s frustrating and detracts from their experience.”

Hotel chain: Hassan

Hassan is the CIO for a large hotel chain. Ensuring a high-quality mobile experience for guests and connectivity for day-to-day operations is essential to the success of the business.

“Internet connectivity is no longer an amenity. It has become an integral part of travellers’ daily lives and a basic expectation.”

Exhibition centre: Katarina

Katarina is the Facilities Manager at a large conference and exhibition centre. She needs seamless high-speed connectivity for thousands of exhibitors, concert goers or attendees, a wireless network that can scale up and down easily with inbuilt security and segregation.

“Today’s events offer live communication-over-video streaming and event apps that require flawless wireless connectivity and sufficient bandwidth to handle thousands of connected devices.”

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