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An Icebreaker report provides unparalleled visibility of hidden revenue opportunities in your Cisco installed base.

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  • service renewals
  • reduced contract administration
  • excluding risks
  • upgrades, migrations and expanding deals

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Why Icebreaker with Comstor? 

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Once you have signed up to Icebreaker, our team will work through the report to simplify and highlight the areas of opportunity within your customer's installed base. We will identify:

  • Products sold that aren’t covered by service support
  • Expired services contracts
  • Renewals you have coming up, expiry dates of contracts and on what equipment
  • How many contracts you have and work with you to consolidate and co- terminate them at the same time. By doing this, you greatly improve not just your administration but also that of your customer


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One report uncovered $2million of additional revenue opportunities!

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